Just for fun! Many of you have asked how to send Kevin and Marianne things or support for their new baby girl Andi Lane. It's been a wild week for Kevin. He left the show in the good hands of his famous Ringmaster friend Johnathan Lee Iverson to go be with Marianne for the birth of his first child and while he was gone, on March 12th he had a Birthday and on Friday the 13th we closed the Circus and then his baby girl Andi Lane was born. After that he flew to Shreveport Louisanna to help our performers take down the tent - for what will be the last time for several weeks, maybe months. This is just a fun little way of celebrating the newest addition to our little Circus family. Thank you for your support! (*This is a love based donation to Kevin and our little Venardos Cirucs, not an actual product that would be shipped to you.) 

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