The Little Circus That Could™


The show must go on so we have taken the show ONLINE!


We know things are different right now, but we are not going to wait for things to go back to how they were, we are going to adapt to the new world! 

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our first Livestream in May, we are thrilled to announce that we will present our 3rd-ever Live-Stream with all new acts and talent on Saturday, August 1st! 


We will be safe as we will be able to simply turn over the stage to our qualified performer family groups while maintaining a 6ft or more distance. 

Venardos Circus 



Sept 5th Showtime
4 pm PST, 6 pm CT, 7 pm EST

Join us online for an all-new Circus experience featuring all-new acts not seen before on our prior Livestream shows. 



Before we started Live-Streaming the show, we created several Activity Center Videos for our fans that you can still watch and enjoy today! 

Click the photo above to go to our YouTube page - and subscribe! 

“Part traditional circus, part classic vaudeville and part Cirque du Soleil - you have to experience this circus!” John M., Lexington KY

“Fan-freaking-tastic! Young, Hip, and Rock-n-Roll! Wrapped in tradition with the sweet smell of fresh pop-corn. Don’t blow it off! Go today!” Edzui R., Winter Garden FL

"My family and I absolutely loved the Venardos Circus! The whole crew was talented and put on such a great show that even our hard-to-impress teenager (who huffed and puffed about having to go) left with a big smile on his face and raving about how much he loved it. Happy kids and happy parents.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎪🎉😁We highly recommend it!👍🏼👍🏼"
- Kristina B., Miami FL

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Due to the nature of events, All tickets are non-refundable. 
The tent is waterproof and shows continue rain or shine.